Australian Government Subsidy Scheme – Sat phones

The Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme is undoubtedly an Australian Government initiative to help people living or working beyond terrestrial cell phone coverage to acquire satellite cellphones. This subsidy scheme was introduced by the government to provide satellite phones to numerous people as it grew to be apparent they were needed specifically in the more non-urban areas of Australia. Under this scheme, backing is provided to increase the price of satellite telephones for folks living or working in places that do not have coverage from terrestrial mobile phone networks.

Satellite phone networking sites use satellites in the orbit around the planet to perform a similar function as performed by base stations in landline phones. Satellite mobile phone solutions cover the full Australian landmass, and also provide network to places away from land-based system. There are a few various satellite cell phones available for purchase so it is worthy of your while to look close to and find the one best suited to the needs.

When you are currently living in an area that does not have satellite mobile phone coverage, if you are travelling for over 180 days over a 2 year period of time and intend on being outside mobile variety, or you are employed for at least three months of the season in an location that has not got mobile phone mobile insurance, you could be appropriate for subsidy. When buying a satellite phone less than subsidy structure, you need to learn whether the seller from that you are buying is registered to the scheme. For that, you can straight contact the scheme administrator.

Both portable and low-hand held satellite mobile phones that are for hire and are covered beneath the subsidy plan. No subsidies are granted for telephones that are already purchased or connected. Getting the subsidy is quick and easy. You just need to find out your eligibility (proof of your residence or business headquarters or an itinery of in which you will be travelling), fill the shape and apply for it. When you receive the acceptance document, you can buy your satellite phone in the given accepted time restriction.


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